How To Use Website Search Tools By Yourself

Here Are the Farlow Home Finders Website Home Search Resources.

Everything is here All in One Place to automate your home searching!

PLUS you can research without leaving tracking “breadcrumbs” like you do when using online sites like Zillow & - where they sell you & your search behavior as a “lead” to real estate agents!


        Return to the main page anytime by clicking on the “FARLOW HOME FINDERS LOGO” in the top left of every page. This is where you’ll find all of the different categories you can choose from.

        Research & find pre-owned homes in Charlotte’s most popular neighborhoods.

        The site will automatically send you similar listings similar to those you click on to get more information about using artificial intelligence.

        Set up your own “filtered” automated searches for specific types of homes and areas of interest, so you can receive updates when new listings hit the market, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. JUST CLICK ON THE “HOME ICON” IN THE LOWER LEFT OF ANY PAGE.

        Get Automated Property Value estimates for any off-market home, by using the link at the top of the main page. See other home value estimates in the same neighborhood by simply moving the map. NOTE: since these are automated value estimates, the accuracy is a “starting point” since different computer algorithms vary. Typically, estimated values should be within a 7-10% range above & below the estimate.

        Contact me to use multiple valuation tools for off-market homes. I can help you narrow down “macro” neighborhood home value ranges (or villages in a neighborhood) to 5%. As an example, on a $500k home, a 5% range is $25k (approximately a $125 monthly mortgage payment range).

        Once I’ve helped you narrow down your search from a more “macro-level,” to more specific homes and home designs, on a “micro-level,” then I’m able to precisely establish my own current market valuation ranges.

         I subscribe to the best valuation tool available, that provides the most VISUAL, INTERACTIVE, one page CMA (as opposed to the more data-only CMA tools provide to real estate agents). We’re able to SEE the condition of comparable homes with the click of a mouse, and arrange them by price or price per square foot – while seeing “inside and out” of each property. This is the most effective, most user-friendly way to understand home values when buying or establishing listing pricing.

        Access NEW home floor plans and virtual tours for all home builders’ pre-construction new home designs, plus already under construction homes, on my exclusive “new- homes- only” website. Simply scroll down on the main page to view.  See information not typically found elsewhere like MLS, Zillow or, since they focus primarily on the limited number of homes already under construction.

        Learn about new homes “earlier” in the construction process, many times before these “inventory homes” even have a roof on them, or before they can be found in MLS.

        Set up “filtered” searches for new homes in your favorite neighborhoods, price range, favorite builders, and by construction status.

        Get the best Charlotte guide to the different areas and neighborhoods, with in depth info on the unique traits of each area, schools & taxes. It’s the most comprehensive on-line guide in Charlotte I believe! See the link at the top of the main page under “LOCATION GUIDES.”

        Look at some examples of different top-selling home designs, built in many of the most popular neighborhoods, in many different areas of Charlotte over the past 25 years, with photos and tours. Use the “RESOURCES” tab at the top of the main page to link to where you can begin to get some ideas of what you may like (and not like). This is a different strategy from simply trying to view only limited listed homes. The plans that I’ve selected can be found in numerous neighborhoods. Since they were among the more popular designs when the original builder sales took place, there's a higher-probablity of now being able to get one of these designs in today's market, located where you want to live. (While this is obviously only a sample of best-selling home designs - this is a strategy I use to help guide you to other top-selling designs, to increase your odds of PROACTIVELY getting a home you love by better planning your search!

        Download our MLS SEARCH APP to guide you in your drive-by searches of homes currently listed for sale. Don’t “leave bread crumbs” for the big online search providers like Zillow, Redfin & to sell you as “a lead” to real estate agents willing to pay them! View pending sales & even closed sales too. Get the link under the Resources tab, or scroll down on the main page to see another download link.

        Use the terrific FINANCE TOOLS from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to learn exactly how to compare different loans, and to see how monthly costs to own correlate with home prices using the latest interest rates. Compare your buying power, based on different home prices, different down payments, and different interest rates quickly. Check out my interactive tool that explains a winning strategy for putting less than 20% down payment by showing you how to alleviate private mortgage insurance. Use the “RESOURCES” tab at the top of the main page.

        Connect anytime through the website with a link to my calendar to set up a phone call or zoom call with me. Call me at 980-400-FIND or text me at 980-406-2615. I can show you how easy it is to start the process of narrowing down your home search to neighborhoods and even home designs - plus how important it is today to have a plan already in place, ahead of time, for how to get the most for your current home - before finding your next home.



        Get 3 current automated home value estimates for your home and receive an update on how it changes once monthly, PLUS a market report overview of homes selling in your area, once monthly. JUST CLICK ON THE “HOME ICON” IN THE LOWER LEFT OF ANY PAGE

        GET YOUR CURRENT HOME PREQUALIFIED FOR MY BUY BEFORE YOU SELL PROGRAM, so you can be prepared in advance to be able to buy your favorite home the moment we find it, backed by the closing guarantee! Check out the program details link at the top of the main page.

        COMPARE offers from all iBuyers & investors, in under 7 days, with my written “Sure Sale” comparison report showing multiple cash offers for your home, all at the same time, from corporate cash buyers.

        THEN COMPARE YOUR PROFIT from the best initial cash offers, with “going to market” to generate additional offers for your home, from non-investors who’re backed by closing guarantees, after a 21 day pre-marketing/ 5 day “Auction-Like” sales process. Compare offers at the same time and simply pick your most profitable sale.

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